Shannon Mcconnell is an artist and musician based in Seattle, Wa. His interactive scenes of transfigurative personages integrate speculative situations with a visceral garagepunk animism, exposing psychological introspections reflecting the human condition. Irreverent improvisations through arbitrary alienation of modern life, mutate in a rapidly changing Northwest environment. As a musician he was a member of The Fall-Outs, The Pulses, performed with Billy Childish, The Intelligence, Night Kings, El Vez, and other projects.

"...he combines a raw, punk aesthetic with technical prowess in paintings and drawings that always seem to be in the process of becoming something else. Characters shaped like raw meat morph into their surroundings, which are often wild, unruly pseudo-landscapes of earthy color and rough form which sparks a violent visual storm made up of inner and outer realities." - Suzanne Beal ART LTD magazine July/August 2015 issue

"Shannon Mcconnell's energetic painted figuration has one foot in the late 19th century and the other in the future. Practical yet skeptical and Bohemian, slightly morbid yet still open and optimistic, the figure is broken and revealed, dissembled and reordered; these twisted and open figures retain, in their momentary pain and confusion, a dignity and purpose: the experience of living in human flesh and bone." - Chris Ashley artist/curator SomeWalls, Oakland, Ca. Fall/2011

"...his portraits and landscapes combine elements of arbitrary transfiguration with a garage punk aesthetic nod to the Northwest School.  Applications of thin glazes over an improvised monoprint on paper or canvas produce uncommon vistas into a somewhat common land.  These locations suggest desolate sci-fi environments filled with the diffused light characteristic of the Skagit Valley..." - Robert Yoder artist/curator, Season, Seattle, Wa. Fall/2011



CV - Curriculum Vitae

Solo Exhibitions

2015 - Season, Seattle, Wa. "Fingers that Touch the Sky" - May 17-June 28

2011 - Season, Seattle, Wa. "Forever and Never, One More Time" - October through December

2010 - Galerie Blacklist, Prague, Czech Republic - "Proposed Land-Use Action"

2009 - Snoose Part Dieu Gallery, Seattle, Wa. - "Media-Mutations"

2008 - JiveTime Records/Gallery, Seattle, Wa. - "Seeing Sound / Hearing Color"

2007 - BaBa Louise Gallery/Salon, Seattle, Wa. - "recent paintings"

2006 - BAZR Gallery, Seattle, Wa. - "Urban Curiosities" selected works

2003 - Rosebud Gallery, Seattle, Wa. - selected works

2002 - Capitol Hill Internet Gallery, Seattle, Wa. - selected works

2002 - Rebar Gallery/Nightclub, Seattle, Wa. - "new paintings & monoprints"

2002 - Elliot Bay Gallery, Seattle, Wa. - selected works

2001 - Crocodile Cafe Gallery/Nightclub, Seattle, Wa. - selected works

2000 - The Pearl Gallery, Seattle, Wa. - "Troubled Walls" (selected works)

Group Exhibitions

2017 - Season, with Calvin Ross Carl "The Rose I Leave Behind Me", Seattle, Wa. - summer exhibit

2017 - Season, with Sharon Butler "Goodmorning Drawings", Seattle, Wa. - spring exhibit

2016 - Season, with Andy Heck Boyd "Cars in a Circle", Seattle, Wa. - winter exhibit                                                                                

2012 - Season, with Bathaus "Nothing and No Thing", Seattle, Wa. - fall exhibit

2011 - Aqua 11/ArtBasel, Miami Beach, Fl. - December 1-4

2011 - Season, with Elizabeth Kley "Forever and Never, One More Time", Seattle, Wa. - fall exhibit                                                                                     

2011 - The Fair | International Contemporary Art, Vancouver, BC.  June 2-5

2011 - Gallery (206), Seattle, Wa. - June show

2007 - Wall of Sound Music/Gallery, Seattle, Wa. - "Local 8" group show

2005 - D'Adamo/Woltz Gallery, January group show, Seattle, Wa.

2004 - M:Pulse Gallery/Boutique, Seattle, Wa. - group show

1992 - Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY. - "Current Studies" group show

1987 - Lincoln Arts Center, Seattle, Wa. - "Seattle Arts-Underground" group show

1983 - Washington State School District "Art Competition", Olympia, Wa.

1983 - Edmonds Arts Festival, Edmonds, Wa.

1982 - "Imagination Celebration", Seattle Center, Seattle, Wa.

1982 - Western Washington Art Fair, Seattle, Wa.

1982 - Washington State School District "Art Competition", Olympia, Wa.

1982 - Edmonds Arts Festival, Edmonds, Wa.

1981 - Mukilteo Art Fair Contest, Mukilteo, Wa.

1981 - Edmonds Arts Festival, Edmonds, Wa.


Skidmore College of the Arts, New York 1991-1992

University of Washington / ASUW College 1986-1988

Art Institute of Seattle 1993-1995

Seattle Central Community College 1990/1996/2002

North Seattle Community College 1983-1984


Recipient of the Philanthropic and Education Society, F.U. of P.E.O. Scholarship for Art - 1983

Washington State School District Art Competition First Place Winner - 1983

Meadowdale High School Art Department Award - 1983

Edmonds Arts Festival Finalist - 1982/1983

9thAnnual Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction Art Award Winner - 1982 (my painting was in the collection of Washington Senator Henry M. "Scoop" Jackson, and was displayed at the "Imagination Celebration", Seattle Center - 1982, and at the Western Washington Art Fair - 1982)

Washington State School District Art Competition Finalist – 1981/1982

Art Related Occupations

Dedo West (J.A. Dedo Co.) - portrait artist, ceramic memorial plaques - 1995-1998

Artsign/Artco Sign Co. - graphic design, sign fabrication, construction, installation, maintenance - 2000-2008

Various independent venues, organizations, record labels, and music groups - graphic design, posters, cover art, t-shirt designs, flyers, - 1985-2010


The Fall-Outs - 1981-1996 / 3 albums, 4 singles

The Pulses - 1999-2005 / 3 albums (BBC airplay, "John Peel Show")

Side projects; The Intelligence, Night Kings, Invisible Men, El Vez,

Milkduds, The Outcasts, The Seperates, performed with Billy Childish, and misc studio recordings - 1985-2010